Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If you remember that modern Liberalism has no principles

You'll sleep better at night.  So a mom who goes spare on her kid at the Boston riots is quite the hero.  Never mind that for years liberals have insisted that rounding up millions of Jews and slaughtering them in gas chambers and spanking a child were one and the same.  Even the most restrained approach to spanking.  Let alone just slapping a kid.  Nope. That's so yesterday's principles.

In other news, giving peace a chance might be old news.  Salon posts an opinion piece kicking around the idea that burning cars and other acts of violence might be justified.  If you're the right person doing it for the right reason and for the right cause.  All we are saying is give peace a chance?  Depends, doesn't it.

That's just two.  It's all the rage of course.  And I poke at liberalism, because its victory over the hearts and minds of the Dying West has made it the dominant approach to resolving the problems of our times.  And it's not just rascally liberals who drink from this well either.  But it is a gift of the wily liberals, who long ago learned that you can declare any truth to be the eternal truth of yesterday and be awesome for doing it.

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