Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sexual immorality leads to AIDS

Really?  You'd never know it.  The media, focusing on racist cops and the terrors of spanking and obesity, never seems to link our sex and drugs culture with AIDS.  In fact, based on Nat Geo and CNN, peer reviewed scientists agree that the explosion of AIDS in the 70s after a couple decades of sex and drugs, was purely coincidental.

Most major religions are reluctant to draw the link.  Certainly the Catholic Church has made no utterances.  Rather, according to Pope Francis, it's time to get over obsessions about these lesser things like homosexuality, sex, bedroom issues.  During world AIDS Day a few years ago, Pope Benedict made sure we understood there was to be no dwelling on the sex and causes part of AIDS.  Because of course if AIDS and sex are unrelated, there's not much to worry about, correct?  Of course that doesn't include other STDs, broken homes, unwed mothers, the lie of condoms as salvation, crumbling civilization, and on and on.

Of course, there is the odd exception.  For instance, because I've gotten to know some Orthodox Christians, including an Orthodox Deacon, over the months since I got my job, I've been seeing some of the sites in the Orthodox world.  I saw this, which is really about weeping icons.  But here is the sentence that leaped out at me:
Certainly sexual immorality (with the resultant AIDS epidemic) has become increasinglyacceptable in recent decades 
You see that?  Actually suggesting our descent into the debauchery of our sex, homosex, group sex, and drugs generation and tens of millions of corpses floating in the wake of AIDS is somehow related.  Wow.  Talk about spade calling.  Perhaps I was correct when I said you can't be legitimately pro-life and be blasé about our sex and drugs culture.  Perhaps, while acknowledging that past Christians could have been too harsh in dealing with sexual issues, that it is no less harsh to ignore the suffering, death, and destruction of this cultural rot.  It was nice to see.  Usually as a Catholic, if I mention the need to get serious and say more than 'it's wrong', I'm accused of puritanism and not being hip and awesome.  And that doesn't even count trying to suggest that sexual promiscuity, homosex, or drug culture and AIDS are somehow linked.  Well done Orthodox website.  I wonder how common that is throughout the Orthodox world.

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