Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christianity is easier than ever

For me at least.  Given the deplorable track record of the Secular and the Left, it's not hard to cling to the faith as practiced by our ancestors.  And as the Secular Left becomes more open about its desire to set up a totalitarian state that lifts up liberalism as the Truth that demands conformity, that all nations must mandate, and that seeks to punish and oppress all who will not conform, it's easy to see the folly in following it.  It's also easy to see how Christianity is in the cross hairs.  And as the hatred of the Left is matched only by the hatred of radical Muslims groups and other hate regimes, remembering the promises of Jesus about persecution becomes more and more easy to believe.  Those who say we are not anywhere near the persecution of our brothers across the globe are right.  But only a fool would rest on that fact for comfort.  Rather, repent and flee from the force of darkness that seeks to suck down the US, the dying West, and the rest of the world as it seeks to eliminate any who would stand in its way.

In a similar way, Charles Moore at the Telegraph agrees.  Given the force that so compromised the historic faith is now revealing itself, seeing the truths it once mocked might just be easier than ever.

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