Friday, April 3, 2015

Jim Crow for Americans against Religious Freedom

The Gay Rights movement has, with no real science behind them, managed to convince moderns that being Gay is the same as being Black.  Therefore, if you don't condone the gay lifestyle, then you are the same as a person who hates Blacks.  Naturally, that is a powerful weapon in the war against the Bill of Rights.  After all, as has been said multiple times this week, religion is just a belief.  Note that.  The assumption being that support and celebration of homosexuality is some Newtonian law of physics.  

And just as predictably, comparisons to the KKK, Jim Crow, and Segregation have flown from all corners of the media that is squarely behind the movement to end the First Amendment.  Here is a nice little educational piece, reminding us of just how much that is essential to believe in the Leftist morality depends on being ignorant of actual history. 


  1. Me thinks we read the same kind of stuff.

  2. Great article. Thanks. And Happy Easter to you!


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