Saturday, May 2, 2015

The facts never stand in the way of liberalism

So it looks like the death of Freddie Gray may have been a horrible accident, perhaps - if the recent accounts are accurate - brought about by gross negligence on the part of the police.  Again, that last part is still outstanding.  Despite the musings of Michael Moore and Morgan Freeman (proving that actors should act, and not comment), as well as the assurances of Catholic bloggers, it wasn't a bunch of white, racist cops.  In fact, as the media has begrudgingly reported, three of the cops involved in his death were, again in fact, African American.  And lest we challenge the esteemed Sally Field (see the actors and commenting rule above) who wishes women could take over the world because that would bring peace, one was also a woman.  

Anyway, we'll have to wait for justice.  And pray for it.  If the police officers were to blame, they should be held accountable.  If not, they should be exonerated.  And if it turns out they are not guilty, great wailing and humbling on the part of many should happen.  Of course it won't.  Even now protests are going strong, No doubt many will continue with chants of police brutality, racist cops, and of course, terrorists in America.  Expect it to get worse, since the Race Card (TM) has been removed by unfortunate facts and some justification for all the outrage will have to be provided.  

Remember kids, the GOP is hurt because of stupid conservatives who say stupid things.  Liberals, of course, are never wrong like that or say stupid things. For example, as the estimable jroberts548, late of CAEI, once explained, don't cry me a river over the increase of cops killed in the line of duty.  More garbage collectors proportionally die on the job!  But then, since only about 600 or so Americans were killed by cops last year, compared to 300 million Americans.  I'd say proportionally Americans have less to complain about.  Heck, more Blacks will murder Blacks this year than all the racist cops could hope to.  And in a sane country wishing to solve problems and help our fellow man, that would change the discussion right there.  But in our nation of punditry over principles, don't hold your breath.  

Stupidity is the oxygen that keeps liberalism alive.  Lies and falsehoods are the meat and drink.  

Disclaimer: This is not, repeat NOT, to say I'm not alarmed by some of what I see in our law enforcement, the growing trend to go nuclear on the part of police officers, and the militarization of a society increasingly warm to the idea of ending liberties and rights in the name of sex and drugs.  I am.  But I try, really hard, to keep things in perspective. The ones screaming brutal racist cops! the loudest are for the most part the ones most behind the rest of what alarms me. 


  1. Really, Shea? REALLY?

    I had some snark to apply but this does it just as well.

    Though Jonah Goldberg makes the same point.

    I also recommend these:

    Gets even worse among many Catholics. Problems they have caused/might be related to? Well that's just an aberration, it in no way reflects on Catholicism. Oh but a Protestant (or someone else) screws up? Well that's just indicative of how bad that ideology is and we shouldn't listen to them.

    Or to put it another way: "Your son's misbehavior reflects badly on you while my son's misbehavior is in spite of my efforts."

    It's just too obvious the game is "rigged" nowadays.


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