Sunday, March 29, 2015

The great gay trap continues to close

Indiana is doing just what the Leftist Juggernaut was hoping.  It has passed a law that, even to my novice eyes, seems filled with problems and issues.  This was hoped.  Because now a very good case can be made that it should be repealed, or at least changed.  And once we go down that path, any hope for resistance will crumble.

This was the beautiful part of the Leftist strategy.  Having promised that nobody would ever make people violate their religious conscience, in the wake of legalizing gay marriage, agents promptly went to work, seeking out religious photographers, bakers, and other entrepreneurs to force their hands and make them violate their religious conscience. Of course there are plenty of bakers and photographers and others who would gladly serve a gay wedding.  But that obviously wasn't the point.  The point was to set up a showdown like the one Indiana has stumbled into.

And so now it is Indiana getting the law involved to protect hate and bigotry, while allowing discrimination.  Which is exactly how the Left frames it.  And since the Left holds monopolies in the pop culture, media and educational institutions of our country, that is how it will be presented.

And because from all appearances, there are problems with the law as it stands, the inevitable defeat will occur down the road.  The law will be changed, repealed, something.  And once it is, those hoping to resist will splinter, give up hope, join the Left, and leave only a shard to keep the faith against growing resentment toward any who dare to resist.  Well done Indiana.  Heart in the right place.  But you can't always hope for good results against a power of darkness willing to throw all morals and righteousness out the window to achieve goals that are themselves wrong, if not evil.


  1. On the contrary, I expect SJWs will move on to some other pasture after their little temper tantrum here boils out. That's what usually happens when you don't give them their way and don't buckle in spite of their shrieking.

  2. A few have come out and suggested it doesn't have problems, but now I hear the legislature is going to modify it, suggesting it did have problems. Or they caved under withering assaults. Which is why I don't know if they'll go away. I think this is the beginning, and those forces of oppression and control can smell the victory.

  3. Judging from yet more information, I'm putting my money on 'withering assault'.

    I think you're right, those forces can smell something, but whether it is victory or an approaching defeat is the question.


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