Sunday, March 29, 2015

In a reminder about the nature of the geek culture

Gen Con, the Vatican of all that is comic book, fantasy and sci-fi geekdom, is threatening to walk from Indiana over that state's attempt to protect religious conscience.

A friend of mine from my pastor days once said that sci-fi and fantasy types are more intelligent than most people.  I've come to realize that is not true.  Perhaps they have a high intelligence score, but in many cases I've seen over the years, they tend to lack in the world of high wisdom scores.  Pretty impressive use of fantasy RPG terms, huh?

Anyway, in addition to living in sometimes strange parallel versions of reality by assuming their own peculiar hobbies should define the way one lives, most are simply not on the traditional, Christian Western team.  As my boys have discovered, since they are quite into the world of fantasy, sci-fi and comics, most in that sizable world are quite frankly liberal, secular, or pagan or heathen, and quite proud of it.

Many apparently envision a world of endless orgies with buxom heroins in form fitting outfits, and ending this force of evil that is organized religion and traditional Western values.  Even publications now, such as that flagship product of the movement, Dungeons and Dragons, appear to read like a propaganda pamphlet for leftist, secular, post-Christian perspectives, where characters are more worried about going green than killing goblins.

Naturally, that game was never in line with your average Sunday School publication.  But given its origins, it did assume some basics that would still be in line with ideals and values that most Christians shouldn't have been offended by.

But now, Gen Con clearly knows its market and its audience.  There will be none who is part of its ritualistic gatherings who fail to conform to the True gospel of the Left.  And any law that seeks to protect the dwindling world of rights and liberties for non-liberal non-conformists, will find opposition from the lords of Gen Con and their +5 declarations of leftist intolerance.

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