Thursday, March 26, 2015

Phil Robertson does it again

He enrages liberals and flushes out many non-liberals (of various sorts ) who will gladly jump on board with liberals in their contempt of other conservatives who offend liberals.

For what it's worth.  I don't defend Robertson per se.  What he said was heavy handed, and the type of thing best reserved for Bill Maher, Comedy Central, some talk radio and other venues of ill repute.  Nonetheless, the idea that liberals are shocked that someone would point out, however sloppily, the facts about what liberalism so sloppily promotes (moral relativism) is laughable.  This is a movement that has no problem unzipping and pissing on anything and anyone that gets in the way.

It's basically Rush Limbaugh being offended that some radio host might be biased.  It's a football fan complaining that rugby is too violent.  It's a die hard Trekkie accusing a Harry Potter fan of being a geek.  In short, the left has absolutely no place to yell offense at what Robertson said.  I hear worse said about opponents of abortion or gay marriage by respected news anchors.  It goes down from there.

Sure, what Robertson said was not altogether accurate.  It deserves better than he gave.  But then, the moral relativism that was shoveled into the mainstream over the decades often lacked substance as well.  Many argue for that relativism in ways that make Robertson seem like a Rhodes Scholar by comparison.  And in the most basic level, Robertson is right.  He just didn't say it well.

But I will not join the post-modern conservatives whose favorite sport is shoving daggers into the backs of fellow opponents of the Leftist juggernaut.  Smart conservatives would use this and build on it to point out where he was right, and defend him against attacks from outlets and individuals who have no problem saying far worse about people who disagree with them.  It remains to be seen what post-modern conservatives will do.


  1. I know it's a favorite tactic of some but really: you know who else told parables that were incredibly offensive to the sensibilities of His time?

    The older I get, the more I see how exactly He ended up crucified, and why it was His supposed allies (His own people) who ended up doing it.

  2. He said nothing that isn't portrayed in, say, a typical Quentin Tarantino movie, and liberals are suddenly going to get all sanctimonious and butthurt over such ideas?

  3. Agreed. Is there anything more embarrassing than those on the Left who cry when someone says something they think is offensive. Really? Sometimes the lack of simple reality on the Left is stunning.


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