Monday, March 16, 2015

St Patrick's Feast 2015

In our ongoing attempts to make different seasons special, we had our annual St. Patrick's Day feast. Despite the hijacking of the celebrations by the militant Left, we remember the traditions of the Old Country.  We watch Irish videos (yeah, videos).  We listen to good old authentic Irish music.  Maybe, if we're lucky, we catch a showing of Disney's should-never-be-forgotten fantasy classic Darby O'Gill and the Little People.  And we have our feast.  This year, owing to schedules, we moved the meal to Sunday, instead of Tuesday.  I took Monday off of work, and my wife, still looking for full time work, has Monday off.  So that was a day buffer to recoup.

Then it was off to the car mechanic Monday morning to find out in $513.00, I'll get a new axle repair.  Which can wait.  And for our situation, that's not bad. So good tax news, and at least acceptable car news, all we need now is good health news, and we'll be able to kick in and get some serious praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty.

So here are some shots of our dinner, our awesome meal, which was made up of Dublin Coddle, baked cabbage, soda bread, potato and leek soup, and whiskey glazed carrots, seed cake, with of course an obligatory shot of our boys at the Warren Harding memorial.  The stuff that life is made of.

The family getting ready to dine, green Kool-Aide and Guinness accompanying

The whole of what awaited me - it was as awesome as it looks

A close up of the main dish; Dublin Coddle, a traditional Irish course.  It was filling. 

A seed cake that Bilbo would be proud of

The ever camera attracting boys, on a chilly morning 2015

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