Friday, March 23, 2012

A good day at the Stop The HHS Mandate Rally

While our glorious Propaganda Ministry media establishment continues to update us on the goings on of the endless hordes that make up the Occupy Wall Street Protests, as seen in the Columbus, Ohio version:

Not a few people turned out to express their opposition to Obama's naked assault on Religious Liberty, and by extension, all Liberty, through his HHS mandate requiring religious institutions to violate their long held religious beliefs:

I wondered what the turnout would be.  Didn't need to worry.  Enough people on an inconvenient Friday noontime rally with little advanced preparation time to prepare showed up to indicate Americans aren't all stupid yet.  Of course more publicity would have been nice, and perhaps some emphasis from the ol' pulpit.  But given what it was, the time to prepare and publicize, and the time chosen (as opposed to a Saturday or some more open time), I must admit I was impressed by the turnout.  The entire even wrapped up with a sudden rendition of God Bless America.   Overall, a good beginning to the war for freedom.

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