Friday, March 23, 2012

File under 'And this is news why?'

ABC News has a clip of a woman in the audience of a Santorum speech yelling that, in light of the 'gun' he was shooting, he should pretend it was aimed at Obama.  Santorum, the article admits, did not hear her.  When told what the woman said, Santorum immediately condemned it. So the million dollar question is, how is this news?

Well, it isn't news.  It's propaganda.  It's all part of the MSM's continued attempt to portray those who don't support progressive dogmas as brainless automatons moping about waiting for someone to play the Queen of Diamonds, thus causing them to go on a pre-programmed murderous rampage like the one in Tuscon last year that really didn't have anything to do with Right Wing rhetoric. It follows the play book of that great 20th propagandist who reminded us that if you tell a lie often enough, it will become true.  

So file this not as a news story, but as 'Told you they were murderous psychopaths, evidence A.14.3.'

UPDATE CORRECTION: I initially heard that this was at a speech Santorum was giving, and must have read the article with that in my mind.  Turns out it was at a shooting range that Santorum was visiting, and while he was shooting, the individual said what he/she said.  The Secret Service is looking into it, as well they should.  Otherwise, no reason to link it to Santorum (or I still believe, even report it given that things like this are said across the spectrum). 

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