Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama reminds us that it's always about race

So I've been following the tragic and sad shooting of Trayvon Martin.  Now, I don't know what happened.  I wasn't there.  As far as I know, the majority of Americans opining on this weren't there.  So I'm not going to judge. 

I do wonder why the entire nation is captivated by this one case.  No, let me rephrase this.  I know exactly why, because the media is.  And why is the media captivated by it?  That's simple enough.  Because initially it was about some neighborhood watch fellow with permission to carry a gun STOP!  This is a great opportunity to exploit in order to ramrod our opposition to concealed handgun laws!  Hie to the scene!!

Yes, it's always said to see the life of a young man cut short.  It's damn embarrassing to watch his death be exploited.  But exploited it shall be.  Even now, as we begin to learn more details that paint the initial reports in a little less 'white handgun owner kills innocent black man' narrative, it takes on a life of its own.  Naturally a little thing like pesky details and facts wont' derail the juggernaut.  Just like the Duke Lacrosse case, in which a cadre of Lacrosse players was falsely accused of raping a black woman should have demonstrated.  Even as it became painfully obvious that the Duke case was crumbling, the media continued to push its dream narrative, bringing out scholar after expert to assure us that all whiteskin men were genetic Nazis who just can't resist lynching blacks and raping black women.

And so for this, I doubt we'll get to the bottom of it any time soon.  I don't think facts or details have any bearing on what people want at this point.  But what stunned me was our illustrious leader's foray into the maelstrom.  He could have offered sympathy.  He could have called for restraint in judgement.  Heck, he could have kept his mouth shut since he doesn't seem to get particularly involved in the daily murders in Columbus, Ohio.  But no, what does he say?  He says that Trayvon Martin would like like a son of Obama's if Obama had a son. 

Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?  Let me rephrase that as well.  What the hell does that mean?   Because I'm sure there aren't too many people stupid enough to miss exactly what that is supposed to mean, and what that statement is supposed to evoke.

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