Friday, September 9, 2011

Working for Aflac

Is a busy proposition.  I have no doubt it can be a rewarding career, as most who have been there for more than a half dozen years or so love it, make tons of money, and seem happy.  The trick is, making it a half dozen years.  To do that, one has to accept the more or less Darwinian approach that new agents must endure.  An approach that more or less treats one like a sea turtle: you're born, now make it to the ocean, try not to get killed, and survive.  Because of that, my days, nights, and many weekends have been spent trying to keep up.  The fruits have yet to materialize, and I know I can't go on forever pouring out thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars in expenses. 

But I'm ever optimistic.  It is a good company, has good products that do what they say, and it does take care of its employees (those who survive).  So I'm still going to be swinging that bat and hoping for some home runs.  As a result, posts will come in bursts, and then pass for many moons.  In the meantime, enjoy this awesome, and I mean even more awesome than beanie-weenies awesome, picture of Saturn.  So beautiful it almost looks fake, and almost perfect enough to make you think someone may have planned it all (enjoy those on the comments box who were able to take this and make it a debate between the religion of God and the religion of the atheist's intellect). . 

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