Saturday, September 10, 2011

A headline for the Internet era

Note the headline:

Rich Perry Sex Tape Video Scandal

That's all that anyone needs.  Until you read and discover that the whole thing is done tongue-in-cheek.  There was no sex tape scandal at all.  There is mention about some of the other 'scandals', meaning controversies, or in the case of his religious meeting, meaning failing to conform to secular post-modern dogmas.  But that's it.  This is how you start an Internet rumor: put a headline out, someone googles, sees the headline, and voila!  You've got Perry in another sex scandal that proves all of those religious types are a bunch of hypocrites.  And within days, you'll have folks in comboxes insisting that this is as true as the invention of the wheel.  Nicely done Yahoo News, way to plant the seeds.

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