Friday, September 23, 2011

Woman sets up cross in her own yard

Post-moderns cry foul.  On one hand, I can see their point.  That is, from the post-war tendency to put things above people.  It's nothing new.

"Let the kids have a little basketball park to play and recreate."

"No!  It will make our beautiful neighborhood look bad!"

"But we should let them have a place to go and do things so that maybe they will stay out of trouble."

"Screw'em!  I love my home values!"

So this isn't anything new.  We put far more value on things than people, unless there's a natural disaster or tragic event that suddenly injects that God perspective on us about people being, you know, valuable.  So in one case, I can see that people wouldn't want a huge cross in a nearby yard.  Though the fellow bellyaching that it looks like there's a church on the street is telling.

But as usual, what gets me is the combox responses.  It's not just because of the superiority of property over people that many jump on.  It's the 'religion is evil and stupid' meme that they advance.  My favorite was from a young lady who says the parable of the Good Samaritan proves Jesus is a racist, so she's glad he's dead.  I suppose that means if she thinks a person is a racist, she hopes that person dies.  But far more stupid is the fact that the parable of the Good Samaritan has always been pointed to as an example of Jesus smacking at the prejudice and bigotry of his day.  That a Good Samaritan would be an oxymoron in Jewish circles is exactly the point of his parable of just what is someones neighbor.  And so blinded is she by her faith in faithlessness, she misses it by a mile.

Again, anyone still laboring under the delusion that to reject religion is to be intellectually superior must have been on an island out of contact with people who have rejected religion.

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