Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homosexuality leads to censorship every time

Or so it would seem.  It's getting difficult to keep up with stories like this.  In the US, we have people going through our schools, yearning to make bullying [of homosexuality] a crime (bullying in this case meaning anything that doesn't glorify the Gay Dogmas).  Overseas, where freedom of speech and religion are not so enshrined, cases like this are becoming more frequent:

Yes, it's worth noting that the police may have acted in haste, and  potentially could be punished.  Could.  We don't know.  But what's noteworthy is that a single costumer complained that the Bible verses were homophobic, and hence they should be censored.  And more to the point, based on a single complaint in the name of gay rights, the police responded.  Just like the removal (albeit temporary) of Ken Howell.*  The speed with which pro-gay rights activists see that they can simply point a finger and bring punishment is telling.

Only a liar or idiot can deny that homosexuality is the club with which the post-modern, secular left wishes to bludgeon the rights of people not to conform to leftists good-think.  It's simply not an argument any more.  There is no 'could it happen.'  It's happening.

*I linked to a story from the leftist Huffington Post to illustrate the point.  Beyond reading the reaction of the student who wanted Dr. Howell fired, read the comments.  Again, anyone who doesn't see the Left as wishing for censorship and oppression and demanding obedience to its dogmas has got to be an idiot.  Case in point:
Freedom of speech means he has the right to say or express his views without the threat of being arrested and thrown in jail. Constituti­onally he is protected from being incarcerat­ed, but his employer has their constituti­onal right to fire him for his homophobic remarks.
Remember, that means if a person is fired because they support homosexuality, then all is well.  As long as they aren't arrested.  I get the feeling that this gem of a thinker doesn't mean that.  What he means is censorship is fine, as long as it's to force conformity to my dogmas.

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