Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well met at the Ohio Renaissance Festival!

This last week we spent a beautiful autumn day wandering about the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  We've gone many times before, sometimes the weather worked, sometimes it didn't.  This year it was as close to as perfect as we could have hoped.  I'll probably get more pictures up eventually, but couldn't resist this one:

Bold and stupid men...and mentor!
That's 'Dirk Perfect' (aka. Douglas R. Mumaw) of the legendary The Swordsmen: Bold and Stupid Men!  They are the celebrities of the event, and the seats are always packed.  Catch them if they're ever in your neighborhood.  They combine humor, swordplay, and general clowning with plenty of self-deprecating humor (they're itinerant artists, and putting some. money in the basket will help keep them that way, and away from your schools!). 

Lot's of fun overall, plus it was our youngest's first Renaissance Festival!  Note he holds his sword well, no doubt due to the sage advice given by a professional swordsman!  The other three looked poised to do, well, something. We don't get to go every year, but this year, we're glad we did.

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