Friday, September 9, 2011

Clash of the 60s Titans

What with the web buzz about Martin Luther King's potentially embarrassing marital infidelities (in which we are assured it was no big deal since he didn't seem to make an issue of such things anyway), we are hit with another potential Scandal.  John Kennedy, the Messiah for the 60s generation has been found to have blasphemed the same generation's Holy Prophet, St. MLK. 

I look at things and just shake my head.  The generation that took great glee in tearing down the icons of old - Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson (except his whole banish religion stuff), Religion, Jesus, Moses, God, you name it - is now watching the godlike icons it tried to thrust upon us come under the same cynicism and love of scandal it wielded to do its dirty work.  Live by the cynicism and die by the cynicism.

Now, had it been a Billy Graham, or a Reagan, or a Nixon who was found to have said such a thing about King, you can bet your bottom dollar that there would be horror and outrage and your usual 'told you those religious conservative types are a bunch of racists!'  But now, it's Kennedy.  Even though most younger folks seem to see him as more hype than substance as a president, and one around whom scandal flew like crows, the old Boomers still look to him as the real King Arthur of Camelot. 

What will be the reaction?  What will be the controversy?  What will be the conclusion?  I'll bet nothing that has to do with liberals, Democrats, or any post-Christian ideals.

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