Friday, September 23, 2011

Attention Catholic Combox warriors

Pope Benedict offers some praise and compliments to Martin Luther during his visit to Germany.  Many CCWs tend to join some Protestant Clergy Converts to Catholicism by trashing, hashing, and rehashing the rehashed trash over Martin Luther.  Their treatment of him, like their treatment of many Protestant thinkers and heroes, approaches the same graciousness and love that one gets for Rick Perry while watching MSNBC.  I believe the only hope for Protestant Christianity is ultimately to rejoin communion with the Historic Faith.  Otherwise it will continue to splinter, fade and die in the way it currently is, leaving us with some vague Oprah-like self help reality show based loosely on John Lennon's gospel of God being an abstract concept by which we measure, not our pain, but our self-focus.  Pointing fingers and calling names will likely have less of a positive impact than approaches demonstrated here by Pope Benedict.

In other news, the sidebar articles show that there's no better way to approach the child abuse scandal than to exploit it to attack the Church on a range of ideological and social issues.  I've said before, IMHO, that a person who exploits racism for political or personal gain is as bad as a racist.  Likewise, a person that focuses on the sexual exploitation of kids in order to further agendas and grind axes is only a slight step above those who abuse kids in the first place.  Like so many things, the solution would be easier if there weren't so many salivating along the sidelines eager to exploit those who were already exploited. 

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