Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The problem with hate crimes and the lies they breed

John C Wright did the homework and came up with a list of now fewer than over 200 reported cases of false accusations and lies about supposed hate crimes in America.  Whew.  Think on that.  As National Review points out, the idea that America is Nazi Hitler, and minorities are spending every day being attacked and murdered by the billions by white skin Jesus freaks with MAGA hats and pants that say 'Grab Me', is about as accurate as the old narrative that Germany's problems were all due to a vast conspiracy by Democrats, Communists and Jews.

Of course us old timers can remember when the very idea of 'Hate Crimes' was highly controversial, and more than just hard line right wingers saw problems with the concept.  One, all crimes could (should?) be seen as the result of hate, so it could be argued to be redundant.  Two, it's awfully difficult to prove, and doubly easy to fake (see above).  Three, you can't help but notice the rather subjective, and often inconsistent, manner in which 'hate crimes' terms are applied.  And finally, it could lead to the idea that some people are just more important than others, more likely victims, more likely the bad guys, or variations on 'they do or they don't have stars on their bellies.'

Given the hot mess we've seen, given that we've watched people insist that wrongly accused people with the bad skin color deserve what they get; given that we've seen people insist that the right, victimized skin color can be forgiven for killing the bad skin color; given that we've seen people insist that this gender can always be counted on to rightly accuse that bad gender; given that we've watched a growing sentiment that our very laws should only apply given a certain ethnicity, national origins, religions or nationalities; I'd suggest it's safe to say the old concerns about where hate crime mentality could lead were justified.  After all, how many things did liberalism of the 20th century promise would never happen that have happened beyond what the most paranoid detractors of old were worried about?  This would hardly be a first in fulfilling the 'worst case scenario' predictions of liberal ideals.

There comes a time when you do have to ask just how many more times we'll be fooled and yet continue to do nothing, before we have to say we deserve what we get.  Actually, we deserve what our posterity will get.  But that's another rant.


  1. I know you don't go out of your way to follow Shea anymore.... but I had to see if he posted anything on Jussie (prior to it coming to light that it was bogus) and I found myself drowning in Shea's paroxysm in prose. Sweet mercy, that man is unhinged. "WHITE CHRISTIANIST CATHOLIC" "AmeriKKKA" "DUMB WHITE GUN LOVING IDIOTS". I found myself becoming exhausted at being inundated with his "white white christianist catholic christianist so called pro-life" that I gave up the search.

    1. Mark Shea and his minions (Scott Eric Alt, Simcha Fisher, Rebecca Weiss, and others) are not well. Anytime they have a chance to speak out against abortion they don't. Everything is bad due to white men and those who are Catholic.

    2. Mark fully embraces the Left's racism against Americans of European descent. Likewise, he pretty much endorses or supports most of the Left's narratives, even defending those who advocate the worst evils of the Left. If the Left or those to the left become beyond defense evil? Mark ignores it all. I've noticed a tendency of Mark to become the Catholic apologist when the Left is looking bad. When things - like Smollet - happen and simply can't be defended, he's all about the Bible, the Church, fun Tolkien facts, and anything else. So we'll see. There's always hope, but I've never seen a meltdown like his in my life. Prayers are definitely in order.


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