Sunday, February 17, 2019

Prayers for the Aurora victims

Another mass shooting, another upset employee.  We all know - or should know - that what plagues our country is not guns or access to guns.  It's the heart and soul of a nation where people have been sold a lie, and when that lie is pulled away, they have nothing left to cling to.  Sure, crime has always happened.  There have always been the poor, there have always been wars and rumors of wars.  That's what comes from life in a fallen world.

But what we see today, the rampant drugs, drug addiction, drug dependency, random and pointless killings and mass shootings, and off the scale suicide is the result of a nation that was sold a bill of goods that to anyone's way of seeing should now be revealed as the fraud it was.

Sadly, more had to die in Aurora as we double down and refuse to admit the obvious.  These poor individuals were merely going out, trying to earn an honest living, and do the right thing.  And yet the demonic, whose presence is almost essential for the lies and ignorance we peddle to ourselves, was able to seize the heart and soul of another victim and turn him into a killer.

God bless the loved ones of those who were killed, and give them all rest in your loving and gracious arms; give strength to those who will grieve, and cover the hearts and minds of all who will never fully overcome the loss.  Forgive, also, the heart that soured and became an instrument of Hell, slaying the living and depriving that most precious of all gifts you first give each one of us. Prayers all around on this one.  Something about it hurts as much as they all should.

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