Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tear down that John Wayne statue

The next step.  Take away the names and images of those deemed enemies of the progressive state.  The Left's Brownshirts, raising a generation of Bolshevik youth, will not stop, if that's what you're wondering.  An entire generation has been raised to hate 1) Christianity, 2) the Christian West, and 3) the American experiment.  Being inspired, however loosely and lazily, by Marxist, Communist and even Bolshevik style tactics and philosophies, we can pretty much bet where things will go.

The problem, of course, is that the Left's "fringe" is the mainstream.  Certainly the Right, like any group, has its bad apples, its zealots, its fringe types wallowing in whatever evils they can muster.  But they are outcasts at odds with the Left, and almost anyone to the Right who seeks any level of credibility in our society.

But the fringe of the Left is the Left, it is mainstream, endorsed by progressive politicians, media outlets, pundits, scholars, religious leaders, and the whole cabal of progressive leaders who get invited to the best parties in Hollywood and Manhattan.  That's why I'm wagering that by the time the Tricentennial rolls around, there will not be many relics of America's past left to frame the celebrations, if there are any celebrations at all.  After that, of course, will go the churches. 

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