Friday, February 15, 2019

I found the following apology from New Prolife Catholics who wrongly attacked the Covington High School students:

That's all I've found since the third party investigation cleared the Covington students of any wrongdoing.  Thanks.

But then I've found little in the way of apologies from the various Indian activists, leftists and celebrities who joined in the racist based attacks and false accusations.  So there you go. 


  1. I found this from Mark Shea's #1 apostle, and defender

    Scott Eric Alt
    February 14 at 9:05 AM ·
    "The students from Covington Catholic High School were **cleared of any wrongdoing** after an independent investigation funded by the diocese found they were **not the instigators** of the viral incident with a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., last month." -- Fox News

    Um ... "not the instigators" and "no wrongdoing" are two different things. This is the "but he started it" defense, worthy of a child.

    There you have it from the new pro life apologist. Don't call me a leftist even though I support everything on the left. (Shea used to do that as well but I think he finally realized nobody believes him anymore).

    1. Wow, that was as banal as banal can be. Beyond a disgrace to not just the Gospel, but to basic common decency. He should be ashamed of himself.

    2. David,
      I don't think he is ashamed of himself. He hitched himself to the Mark Shea bandwagon around the 2016 election time. The only reason I even follow him is because I am fascinated with people who seem to live in a polar opposite world in their own mind. They call themselves conservative while supporting everything on the left. He sometimes takes what Shea says doubles and even triples down on it with even more vulgarity or venom. It is truly amazing to watch and then he calls himself a "Catholic apologist". I can call myself a aeronautical engineer all I want. I am not LOL.

    3. Yes, one of the biggest scandals, for Mark at least, is that almost everything he once condemned he now endorses or advocates. I can remember, in the early days, one of Mark's pet peeves was the person who started with "I'm a faithful Catholic", and then went on to rip the Church, the Pope, or whatever. Mark now does the same thing (as so often he now does), insisting he's just an old Conservative at heart, while rejecting almost anything and everything to do with a conservative view - ever - and at the same time all but equating the majority of liberal, progressive and even Leftist narratives regarding almost any subject under the sun. Mark was right all those years ago, it's a form of dishonesty that makes meaningful debate almost impossible.


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