Thursday, February 21, 2019

That moment when you realize you don't know what is happening in the world

So the morning news casts ran with the story: hate groups on the rise!  The source?  The near hate group, leftist Southern Poverty Law Center that defines hate as almost anything that doesn't bow before the altar of the Left.  Why don't they consult Breitbart for an opposing opinion?  I think we all know why.

By now, only partisan hacks, slavish thralls and the willfully ignorant (because nobody is actually that ignorant) try to insist our press is anything other than the ministry of lies.  In a mere month, how many false stories, false accusations, debunked hysteria, has blown up in the press's face?  And that doesn't include the clear and obvious bias one sees in the reporting, in the tone, the manner, the word choice of the press and reporters. 

When thinking on this, I realize I have no clue what is happening in the world.  Things of utmost importance are likely ignored, things of little to no importance are hyped, things are told in ways to be contrary to the actual truth.  It could be I know less about current events than an average Medieval peasant.  I mean it. I have alternate news sources, Conservative news, but they can be as shaky at times as any others.

Social media?  That's like trusting the barber shop - possibly less reliable.  The barber shops of old were likely more reliable.  Some blogs are reliable, but then they only have the sources I've learned to be skeptical about.   So there you go.  Alive and unaware in the 21st century - the legacy of mass media.

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