Monday, February 11, 2019

The Left understands free speech

The way the Soviet Union understood religious freedom.  Or, as the Soviets used to say, freedom of worship.  That means hunker down, barricade yourself in a dark room, speak only in whispers lest you be discovered - and it's all freedom and liberty from there!  Likewise, the Left sees diversity and freedom as anything that is allowed insofar as it conforms 100% to the dogmas of the Left - or else. 

Again, let's be honest.  The Left is a force of evil that is going to cause grievous harm and terror in the upcoming years if people of goodwill don't band together and say enough.  Right now, unfortunately, those people of good will can hardly agree on the color of an orange, let alone come together for anything like defending the Faith (or any faith for that matter) or preserving liberty and freedom for our posterity. 

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