Monday, February 2, 2015

Yes the media lies

So my family - kids included - caught an interview with Mike Huckabee, who could be running for president.  He won't make it of course.  Too religious for our time.  Nonetheless, I like ol'Mike.  Don't always agree with him, but he doesn't stand for heinous things, and seems to take some very balanced approaches to some issues that are entirely polarized today.

Of course, not supporting Gay Marriage is enough for the media to declare NAZI!  And it never fails that the person who has endorsed all evil is left defending himself, as opposed to asking the media why things have come this far in the first place.  One common tactic in the defense is insisting that one has friends who are gay, or knows someone who is gay, or has no problem with people who are gay.  This is because the Left has always been brilliant at defining hatred, evil, bigotry, racism, sexism or anything else as simply refusing to accept liberal values.  So you don't support gay marriage?  Obviously you are a bigot who hates gays.  Thus the defense.

And that's what Mike did.  While being grilled on CNN over his refusal to jump on the bandwagon, Huckabee stated the usual, he knows gays and has gay friends.  When asked how this could be, or if it creates tension, he pointed out that he has friends who do things or think things he disagrees with or doesn't do himself.  He has friends who smoke, drink, cuss.  He doesn't, but they're friends.  They simply agree to disagree.   You'd think the problem with that answer was how wimpy it is and how much it concedes to the Leftist paradigm.  But no.  You'd be wrong.

So all day the Media, in one coordinated voice, has run the headline: Huckabee compares being gay to drinking and swearing!  That's not what he did.  In context, it's clear what he did.  But this is now.  Today.  My boys, who saw the initial interview, were stunned.   CNN was doing a recap with three women reporters.  They all ran with this.  My boys saw the recap on CNN.  As my boys said, they were lying.  They know that's not what he was doing.

What is more, one of the women went on to say that churches all over are accepting gay marriage.  Bible believing churches.  In Tennessee!   Of course.  There have been churches all along that do this.  Many have been behind gay rights and gay marriage from the beginning.  She knows what she said is not entirely true.  But it doesn't matter.  This is now.  I don't think CNN is worried that someone watching may think 'gee, I don't think that's accurate.'  I believe, at this point in time, CNN (like most media outlets) is counting on the fact that most who watch don't care what's true.  Heck, if it's a lie, all the better, as long as it advances The Cause.  I'm just glad my boys saw both the interview, and the flagrant false twisting of the reporting to see just how low the media is in today's world.  How much else is lies I wonder?  They certainly said they wonder.


  1. Yeah, and then you see stuff like this:

    And you HOPE what you're seeing is a lie or there's something left out.

    The worst part? So many people seem to "wake up" to the lying media... only to then play the "pox on both houses" card. Why a pox on the ones the media were decrying? Often because the person ends up believing what the media said about that side in the first place. Example:

    It never seems to occur to some that if the media is lying about a lot of things, maybe they were lying about the church, conservatives, etc etc...

    Though I did have to laugh at this tweet:

  2. You want another example of media lies? (I had actually forgotten about this one.)

    Six years ago, a company hired FAKE Christians to stage a protest.


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