Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jonah Goldberg agrees with me

Wow.  I'm not saying I always agree with Mr. Goldberg, but that I caught this story before I read his take, and it is so close to my spin on events, makes me feel a little like that kid who catches a fly ball at a Cincinnati Reds home game.  I'm not in the big league, but I've touched it.

Of course it isn't difficult to see the bleeding obvious.  Only hardcore liberals and idiots can miss the obvious, level-rising-to-stink degree of hypocrisy and double standards behind the latest inquisitorial witch hunt aimed as Rudy Giuliani   FWIW, I'm not a big fan of the good former mayor, but this is laughably beyond ridiculous.  If it was a Monty Python skit or Saturday Night Live routine I would object to it on the basis of being way over the top.

But it's real.  It shows the swagger and confidence that the post-Christian Left is developing as it seeks to consolidate power and tyrannical rule by crushing opposition and ending these antiquated notions of freedom of speech and religious belief.


  1. CS Lewis once said something about how arguing about apologetics can lead to one finding their faith "less real" and that it's important to occasionally step back and experience the "real faith" from time to time.

    One of the things that I like about Jonah is that he's very much like that with patriotism. That at times he reminds us to take a step back and just enjoy the country as it is.

    Oh and another video that makes one wonder why in the world Shea doesn't quote from Goldberg more often. (well, other than the answer being "he's much more liberal than he wants to admit")

  2. Yeah, Mark never quotes from a Conservative POV at this point, unless it is a conservative decrying conservatism. Mark is pretty much of the opinion - obvious by watching and reading - that liberalism is right, with a couple notable exceptions. But then, of course, you can't argue with success, as I said. Just look at the speaking engagements rolling in since his radio shows. And of course, his approach (conservative who hates conservatism) has been instrumental in this, I have to believe. So there you go. It may be a dying viewpoint, but I like the Lewis and Goldberg appraisals of reality.


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