Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jimmy Akin still rocks

I love his blog and don't visit there regularly enough.  Here he is discussing the Liar's Paradox, and the controversy - if you can call it that - over St. Paul's use of it in his letter to Titus.  Mr. Akin and John C. Wright are two that still burn that candle of credibility and reality in the ever disintegrating credibility of the Catholic blogosphere.  For an example of the latter, see here, where once again we're told that the Church of Now is alone the True Church, and those vile and contemptible loser scum Traditionalists are wicked in their evil desires for the slaughter and damnation of others.  Rather than, you know, simply discussing the interesting issue of yet another Catholic doctrine that seems to have been declared passe, we once more hear the post-modern internet version of 'thank you God, that you haven't made me a hyphenated Catholic like those sinners over there.'

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