Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do not criticize Obama

Don't do it. Just don't.  CNN just opened a segment saying that Giuliani's recent statements about Obama might not just ruin his legacy, it could hurt the entire GOP. Wow. I love liberalism's ability to fire verbal nuclear missiles at opponents, and then act as if the latest Holocaust took place over a pea shooter statement in return.  Reagan, Bush, Bush, Jr., have been accused of heinous, horrible things. They were accused of hating poor, children, minorities, gays, other countries.  They were called war mongers, racists, bigots.  They were accused of being idiots, of hating the world.  And the most that did was spark a discussion on Sunday morning talk shows.  

But let someone say Obama might not love America the way others have, given that many of Obama's own mentors have little love for America, and all hell breaks loose.  And naturally, David Axelrod jumps in and makes it about racism and racial divisions in order to advance the liberal agenda.  Did anybody not think that racism would be used to bludgeon anyone who didn't obey Obama?  What would liberals do without the boon of racial tensions?  

Anyone getting nauseous at the hypocrisy and wickedness of the modern Left yet?   Just wait. 

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