Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mitt Romney saves the GOP

By announcing he won't run.  Not that the GOP has much hope. The propaganda ministry has already anointed Hillary as the first woman president.  Unless she herself doesn't run, she'll be it.  The liberal democrats will have no problem forgetting about decades of making old age a detriment to qualified candidates, or looking forward not behind as an essential part of any credible campaign.  The GOP, being whatever it has become, is lining up some pretty strange candidates, or the usual ones, with FOX and other outlets cheering on the ones least likely to win.  Mike Huckabee would be awesome, but our society is too prejudice against traditional Christianity to allow such an outwardly religious person to win, so nice thought as it is, it's not realistic.

Unless Hillary doesn't run, or some big stinking scandal happens, my guess is we'll have four more years of liberal Democrats at the helm.  Not that eight years of a marginally moderate conservative under Bush did any good.  Fact is, it's been decades since a quality leader has been in the White House, and it shows just how important good executive leadership is for a country, and in more ways than just economical or even international policy.

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