Wednesday, February 4, 2015


A spot on take on the modern Left and the relentless assaults against anyone and everyone who fails to conform.  This is an old take really, dealing with the Megyn Kelly kurflufal that happened when she mentioned Jesus and Santa were white.  I'm sure you remember,  All hell broke loose, and of course we were reminded why conservatives are always stupid, evil, racist and wrong.  But here is a different take.  There were, in fact, different takes then, but they were mostly dismissed or ignored by those who have no interest in truth or right.  My favorite line:  "And to be redeemed, the white liberal must constantly beat his chest and point out the evil that is his race."  Actually, to be redeemed, the liberal must embrace liberalism.  But berating his demographic, whether gender, orientation, race, nationality or religion, is the sum total of what one must do to prove fealty to the liberal way.

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