Saturday, August 23, 2014

No more comments?

Fr. Longenecker has shut off his comments section.  Sorry to see that.  I'm not a fan of blogs that have no comments or that edit them before posting comments.  That's too easy.  It also threatens to establish the Bully Pulpit, or the Cult of Me.  I horsed about with it a while back.  Early on I had more comments, but sometimes they were not just inflamed, but downright stupid (trolling I think applied in a couple cases).  So when the comments didn't work, I wasn't unhappy.

But once it was fixed, I found that posting with no comments wasn't that satisfying.  After all, I don't know everything.  And part of the reason for the blog - even if that reason seems less realistic now - was to organize thoughts and toss them out there.  Not having comments didn't allow me any feedback.  I still had some who would email me.  But those were usually the reader's own thoughts or articles.  Except for one occasion, email has never been a place I've been corrected.

So I brought them back.  Comments have never been up to what they were at first.  Still, when they happen they're great.  They affirm I might not be completely off the wall, or if they disagree, cause me to rethink what I've said to make sure I"m either near the mark, or at least I'm saying it in a way that conveys the message.

Others have gone this way, or have adopted the 'edit first' approach, and I typically lose interest after a time.  I'll give CAEI that: at least it allows comments to be posted.  Yes, it's looser with the delete and banned buttons, but at least the comments post.

I realize Fr. Longenecker is a priest and, at least in that capacity, he potentially will have to face someone over what he says. That keeps a person humble.  So I may keep going.  But a word of warning to bloggers, especially amateurs: be careful.  You're not good enough to only listen to those who affirm your awesomeness.

On a side note, I realize there could be times when a particular post removes comments.  For instance a prayer request, or posting about a special event.  Or perhaps a nod during a holiday that is special.  For example if you have a hobby blog, like stamp collecting or something, and you just want to say Merry Christmas.  You don't want Netloonies coming buy and spoiling it.  Though if you have a stamp collecting blog, and want to take a dig at Christmas, the above standards for leaving comments should apply.

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