Friday, August 8, 2014

Most Americans will not mind killing refugees

It's true. We have the Catholic Blogosphere and a leading Catholic celebrity bloggger's word.  Of course the usual 'we don't hate America, we just admit it's the most evil and stupid nation in history that is filled with murdering racists and imperialists who are the cause of all evil in the world' comments rush into the story of untold suffering to score the appropriate points.  In addition, a strange turn of using 'we' in the slam, which might be a confession?  I don't know.

Of course these Christians being persecuted in Iraq are the only ones who get attention, because their sufferings can be linked to US policy.  Those suffering in the world who aren't the result of US policy?  You only need a couple fingers to count the posts addressing their sufferings.  Which probably says something right there.

My boys sometimes ask me how the Church fostered eons of antisemitism, tortured hundreds of thousands of people to death, and defended Christian society by slaughtering the infidels.  I tell them to visit the Catholic blogosphere.  It speaks for itself.  

I realize now why pointing out that Jon Stewart is as bad as all the other pundits today results in  such stinging retorts.  After all, the source of the discussion has become just one more part of the modern discourse.  And a celebrated one among Catholic blogging circles at that.  Remember, Catholicism, Catholics and the Catholic Church are not always one and the same.  And as I watch things go as they go, I'm rather glad.

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  1. I'm increasingly of the opinion that anyone who advocates for illegal immigration is not to be taken seriously if they lock their front door.

    Want to help refugees? Great! YOU buy the plane ticket to get them out of there, YOU bring them into your home, YOU take care of and be responsible them (which also means you have to pay if they commit any crimes).

    Lead by example. Otherwise any time I hear anything resembling "we must do something" I know what's really being said: "You guys get to work, I've got more people to scold."


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