Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A big prayer request

We've been fighting a bad virus that hit our family a week ago.  My 9th grader, who after many hoops, was able to take part on the football team, has missed so much practice he likely won't be able to play the season.  So as we were all working to keep everyone healthy and minimize the impact on the older and younger of the family, my Mom had to go to the doctor about a couple of issues she's been having.  The good news is that those issues aren't anything that can't be dealt with.  However, while she was there, the doctor noticed some blemishes on her arms.  It turns out, she has skin cancer.  She goes back in a week to get those patches removed, and to check any others.  

The good news - if there can be good news in all of this - is that the doctor wasn't panicky.  They thought I had cancer years ago, and they were so worried they practically dragged me to the hospital.  Nonetheless, there's no such thing as 'that's cancer' and 'don't worry' in the same sentence.  Mom has been a God-send for us, and these years have been so tough and chaotic I fear she's not been able to relax and enjoy these years with us since Dad died.  Given the difficulties she had with his Alzheimer's, I'm wanting a time of peace for her.
So prayers for her healing, her fast cure, the wisdom of the doctor and nurses, and that God heal her, our family, and give us even a season of peace and joy, so that in these twilight of her years, she can finally sit back and relax and take in the family she has and the grandchildren she is able to be with.  


  1. Lord, we know that all is trial and struggle this side of the veil, that peace and contentment will never be found until we're with you. We know that your fires purify us and by their challenging burns our relationships grow stronger. We know that happy tears can still be shed at the darkest hour of night.

    But your servants are weak and grow tired. Exhaustion trips our feet and we lose sight of your Light. Though we know you ever have our best in mind, your soldiers cry for rest. Please grant Dave and his household a season of peace and blessing that good memories might be grown from the fertile soils of family and love. Riches they need not, but a hedge of your Mercy from storms and enemies.

    Please heed your servant's cry and forget him not in this time.


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