Saturday, August 30, 2014

We do realize that Obama is one of the worst presidents in history

Correct?  I mean,we are aware.  Despite the media's backbreaking attempts to paint everything as forever becoming awesomer all the time, I think people are beginning to wake up to the fact.  Obama is clueless.  He has accomplished nothing.  His stellar legislation continues to create as many problems as it solves.  He's of course been a buddy to the LGBTC crowd, which is the Left's most useful tool for crushing liberties and freedoms. That's worth something.  He's also helped, by virtue of being if nothing else non-white, the rise of new-racism and the exploitation and promotion of racism for political gain. 

Otherwise, pretty much nothing.  Compared to him, Jimmy Carter seemed competent.  Nothing shows this more than the international events blowing themselves halfway to Hell, and him appearing to have not a clue what to do.  For liberals, we have met the enemy and it is US.  But events unfolding around the world suggest otherwise.  Despite the ongoing attempt to pin all problems on the US and its policies, there is strong evidence that it's not all us after all.  And perhaps realizing this is a first step to having a clue. 

Which Obama doesn't have, and is shown to be clueless when put in juxtaposition to David Cameron's rousing speech against the slaughter fest murderers in ISIS.  I realize this is FOX News, dedicated to finding anything at all wrong with Obama.  But that's OK, since the rest of the media is dedicated to distracting us in any way possible to avoid calling Obama out on anything.  Read and judge for yourself.  But I see a leader, even in Britain, willing to deal with reality in a way that our President and, quite frankly, many of our fellow countrymen, refuse to accept. 

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