Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson update

So having released information that people were demanding, rioters once again descended on Ferguson, looting and destroyed property, and spread to other areas of the city.  Not all protesters were involved.  The police backed off, didn't arrest anyone.  Yet the destruction continued.  The Catholic blogosphere approves these tactics.

For me, I've been pointing out that as a generation of adults, we sort of suck.  That has brought about accusations that I'm recycling old liberal attitudes from back in the day: blame society first.  I'm not doing that, I'm  not 'blaming society.'  I'm blaming us adults.

This, on the other hand, is the mentality of that classical post-war liberalism that we all love: that no matter what the rioters do, they're not to blame because evil jack-booted thugs and the vile unjust police state.  Not that I'm not bothered by the growing affection on the Left for ending this old liberty and freedom garbage, and using the state to realize these dreams. A fine reason to want to ban the death penalty I might add.  But that doesn't mean we automatically forgo responsibility for the actions of criminals because The State.  People are still responsible for their actions.

Thus we can say 1. the Police response at times was far less than prudent, 2. we want justice done, 3. peaceful protests are an American right, 4. people who exploit dead teenagers to loot, pillage and destroy and terrorize innocent people are bad.  Pretty simple stuff.  Though I fear increasingly that this perspective is not approved by the Catholic blogosphere, or at least by some who visit it.

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