Saturday, May 25, 2013

Boy Scouts succumb to Liberal Tolerance

Part of me wants to shun the scouts from now on.  Part of me sympathizes.  After all, pro-gay and liberal groups have been hammering them for decades, filing lawsuits, digging up any dirt they could find with the help of the media establishment, pressing companies to boycott them, cutting off financial help, running them off of public lands.  It wasn't easy being a Capitalist in the former Soviet Union.  It's not easy standing up to traditional values in the modern progressive Soviet.  The big difference is that people then understood they were in the cross-hairs of a terribly oppressive government.  Because too many Americans confuse liberal sexual values with tolerance and enlightened administration of government, this flagrant assault on others for failing to conform in a way that would shame a 17th century puritan is completely overlooked.  So perhaps I'll still buy the popcorn.  Maybe I won't.  But my heart goes out to one more relic of a pre-Progressive world that fell under the crushing boot of liberalism's dogmatic definitions of diversity.

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