Saturday, May 25, 2013

The president can assassinate Americans

Says so right here.  In a headline that would have made me fall into the aisle with laughter had it not been so terrible, we're assured that Obama is moving from the Scandals by focusing on his Drone policy.  I absolutely love it.  As if his Drone policy isn't one of the biggest scandals in presidential history.  Yes, yes.  I blame the Bush administration for its role in this.  And I blame the Clinton administration for teaching America that as long as the current president is fulfilling our primary needs, who cares about morality and character and truth.

But it's now in Obama's hands, and unlike Bush whose every blunder and moral breach was front page news and 24/7 coverage, Obama is taking great strides toward obliterating the Constitution in order to grasp power for the Progressive Juggernaut  while giving himself the right to take down Americans if he suspects they're up to something. All with the blessings of the ever supportive media establishment.  And according to the story, that's to get away from the other scandals that suggest Obama's hands could be too close to the Orwellian cookie jar.  This in a country that only a few decades ago ran a president out of town on a rail over wire tapping political opponents.  Talk about lazy and dumb.  Just the type of thing that post-Christian progressives and secularists seem to crave from a populace.

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