Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As we invoke our inner Metternich

Today I have an extra day off.  Did it so I could get the benefits of a full Memorial Day weekend.  Since I work most weekends, just having Memorial Day off was barely a boon, so took today.  Will be spending it in the garden weather permitting, and then later tonight eating leftovers from yesterday's bounteous feast.  When the sun has set and the lights are low, we'll then continue plotting and backstabbing as we recreate the world's perilous position in the years leading up to the War to End  All Wars.  I don't have the original Diplomacy game, but the modern remake of the classic does quite well.  And the best thing?  Since it falls right around the right period for their studies, and since they're home schooled, we can count it as a Social Studies project by comparing our take-down to what really happened!  Fun stuff.

I'm Turkey this time around and have already obtained some footholds in the Balkans.  But my wife has hit our soon to be 8th grade Cossack out of the blue.  Meanwhile our 9th grade Frenchman and my soon to be Senior Austrian are staking their claims.  We'll see.  My money is on anyone but me at this point.  But that will certainly occupy our day.  See you all soon.

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