Monday, May 6, 2013

A night at the concert

So things continue to be hectic.  Last night I had to take my sister to the emergency room because of chest pains.  Thankfully, there doesn't appear to be anything major, but they did find a few abnormalities regarding one of her ventricles.  

Tonight, a good event on top of everything, our eighth grader had his last jazz band concert.  His last one. Sigh.  Them being home schooled, it marks the end of an era.  Our other middle schooler is going to play football through our parish school.  But that won't be connected with our city schools. Our oldest  has reserved himself to not going through any graduation ceremonies next year.  So it looks like a chapter - a big chapter - is getting ready to close.  Or, perhaps, closed tonight.  Due to copyrights and promises to the school, I can't post their performance.  But I can post him, looking a bit John Lennonish in his glasses he decided to wear since it was his last hurrah,  and post one of the songs they did play, respectfully well if not a carbon copy of the original.  Soon, very soon, I'll be able to get caught up and get some thoughts down.  Until then, enjoy the great one himself as he demonstrates just what coolness can look like:

Not Louis Prima or John Lennon, but no less cool in his own right

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