Wednesday, November 15, 2023

So what did last week teach us?

First, that I'm obviously a Beatles fan.  I know.  Given the rot in our society it seems odd to be a fan of something that many consider instrumental in furthering that rot.  But as long as other Christians eat their slice of the worldly pie, and justify it with copious appeals to Romans 14, I'll still like the Beatles (and other musical offerings from the whole sex, drugs and rock and roll era - tens of millions dead from AIDS and drugs being something we apparently have learned to live with rather than give up our playlists).

Second, I'm clearly growing tired of 'Issue Blogging.'  Let's face it, the blogosphere of 20 years ago is dead and gone. Twitter and other similar platforms that distill complex issues into sitcom level one liners are now the rage for Internet discourse.  Many Catholic  bloggers, especially to the left of center, have moved to sites behind digital walls that keep dissenting views from troubling them (I kid you not, find more than a couple leftwing Catholic sites that still have open comments sections).  Meanwhile the shadow grows and the suicide of the West continues apace. 

My boys and I were talking some months ago, as you know we're wont to do.  While discussing America's willingness to let the Marxist assault on our nation win out, we were pondering how these things happen.  Perhaps because we abandoned God?  Let godlessness win out? Were cowards and wimps who looked for slick excuses to avoid actually defending virtue and truth?  Or, as one of my sons suggested, perhaps the whole reason America and the entire era of democracy existed at all was merely to thwart the Nazis in their goal of exterminating the Jewish people.  You know, a lifting up Cyrus sort of thing. 

I thought that was an interesting take.  It certainly isn't non-biblical.  God's ways aren't ours.  Which might be why, at this point, it looks like God has given our nation up to its lusts and impurities.  After all, whatever good the nation had is mostly fading from the historical stage.  The nation so many are desperately trying to save died many years ago.  Young people have been told to believe that the United States and all the West are defined by their unforgivable and unique sins and need only be eliminated.  Cue the Jews now linked with Israel which is seen by the Left as part of the West that has to go. 

In the face of this, continuing to prattle on about the same old same old gets a bit tiresome.  Stress for the sake of stress.  A growing number of Christians are surrendering and giving in.  Many church leaders are making it clear that there is nothing the world can throw at us that we won't find a way to compromise the Faith in order to accommodate.  The media is a propaganda organ that is less concerned about slaughtered Jews than it is pinning a single crime on anything associated with the West.  And young fanatics are getting worse on a daily basis because they are encouraged to do so by the powers that be. 

Therefore, constantly posting on the same thing over and over again is just posting on the same thing over and over again.  It would be like having a blog in WW2 and spending every day fussing about the violence in the news.  I do think we are heading where we are heading: a post-Western, post-democratic world in a post-Christian era.  Back to the old paganism, secular version.  No particular God of worth, guaranteed eternal paradise if that's your thing, physical worldly priorities otherwise. If we have to crush someone, we promise it won't be you. Because what matters most is you, and the World promises to accommodate you accordingly. 

It won't end with that of course.  That's the 'we promise, all animals will be equal' part.  Already we are seeing that modified to some animals being more equal than others.  Which seems fine for so many today.  Even now, Jewish liberals in the face of 'death to the Israeli Jews' chants are trying to twist their concern about being exterminated with their fealty to this post-religious, post  Christian Western movement and utter hatred for its defenders.  All while the alliance to throw down the West that includes, but is not limited to, Muslims, Chinese Communists, and anyone from any group disenfranchised by the West, continues to make significant strides.

Therefore, I'm once again going to back down.  I can't say I won't mention anything in the news.  I've declared that intention before, only to find myself drawn back in when we took another crazy step toward the end (remember me ducking out on the eve of the Kavanaugh circus?).  Same with last week.  Our state made it clear that sex and drugs and the right to abort anything hindering our libidos is our core value.  The typically lame and impotent GOP continued to lose, and even liberal school board candidates seemed to dominate the win column as schools become more open about sex for kids, gender change for teens, and post-Western Marxist propaganda in the curriculums.  What to make of that?  See the paragraphs above.  

In the end, empires rise, and empires fall.  Our is falling.  The Church is floundering because it's not difficult to believe that a substantial number of our leaders just don't believe it anymore.  In Europe and America, except for those rascally Pentecostals, the churches are dwindling along with the civilization they helped build.  In Asia the Faith is strong, and God bless those African Christians.  But like all things, our own progressive fellows have made it clear they'll heap no end of scorn and contempt on those swarthy and dark skinned types when they dare challenge a leftwing dogma.  Just like those slaughtered Israeli Jews who are barely mentioned now in the news or on leftwing sites (compare that to endless weeks and months condemning Kanye West over his statements about Jewish people). 

So now what?  Well, I like the blog.  But sometimes I miss the early days, when it was one part fun and frivolity, about two parts issue and news or commentary just to comment.  Sometimes I added reflections on the Faith or life, like this:

Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

They speak vanity every one with his neighbour: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak.

The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things:  

Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us? 

For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the LORD; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him.

The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

Which came to mind in light of the crushing defeats of virtue and goodness we saw last week.  At the end of the day, the majority of us who inherited the West, including our leaders and religious guides, accepted the gospel of the World and have stood by amidst failure after failure to defend our inheritance.  Well, when that's the norm, blogging about it every day won't change things.

So I'll try to go back to the early days.  I won't not comment on the egregious, even as the egregious becomes more and more the norm. I'll try to reference funner things, family things, and just things in general. It may not be what people want (I discovered there is a stunning lack of Beatles fans among my readers), but it will be what I want.  

If I post on issues, I'll try to avoid being shaped by the latest news stories.  My sons often ask why I bother watching or reading the news at this point.  We know it isn't telling us the whole story, and sometimes verges on outright falsehood.  Why take anything the press says as any type of a launching pad for a thought, whether good or bad?  They have a point.  Not that all stories are false or missing important context.  But you never know which, do you?  As the late Michael Crichton explained with his Gell-Mann Amnesia principle: if you know the press got this story so horribly wrong because you know the topic at hand, why assume the next one dealing with a topic you don't know will be any better? 

Again, back in the early days of the blog the point was to sharpen my claws at writing.  I've always been a better public speaker (in certain settings) than writer.  A priest friend suggested the blog for that reason. And though I did reference the odd stupid or wrong or concerning thing coming from the world, I also posted on reflections, fun things, family outings, personal interests or similar topics much more often.  It may not have ginned up the readership, but it didn't feel like running up a down escalator every day either. 

So that is what I plan to do again.  As I said, I won't promise no more issue blogging.  When it finally hits the fan, I want my objections to be on record beyond just family and friends.  When future generations look back at this era and ask why, I don't mind my allegiances being on the public record, no matter how obscure.  I realize God knows, but it's nice to know that those future generations who will suffer for our folly will know who to blame and who not to blame.  But I'll try to find things to blog about that are more fun, light hearted, meaningful to me (and hopefully others) or just plain goofy.  That can only help at this stage in the game.  Goodness knows. obsessing about the latest has done nothing to stop the latest.  So why affirm the age old definition of insanity?


  1. For the record, I actually have found your Beatles posts interesting but haven't commented as I want to go back and read them more carefully. I was fascinated by the nuance in the Beatles actual history as I came along quite a bit later when their memory was solidified in nostalgia and settled mythic hues. My mother was 15 when she boarded a train to NYC to see them fly in for the Ed Sullivan show. (She can hardly believe her parents let her do this by herself! Even though she was meeting family friends there.) George was always her favorite as he was the youngest.
    I'm similarly trying to discern my use of social media currently. Last week I was thinking I should do a daily post on self-proclaimed Marxists and where there are positioned in our institutions...because when people tell you who they are, you should believe them. Then I wondered if it was worth my time or if I should just spend the 15-20 minutes praying instead, or, at the very least, paying more close attention to my children, haha! It's agonizing to be part of a falling empire, but then I do think of my great grandparents who were alive during the sunset of the Austrian-Hungarian empire and Christian Europe. They were born in a time of Christian monarchies, my great-grandfather fought for last emperor (Blessed Karl) and was imprisoned for years by the Russians. My grandfather, conceived just after his parents married on the eve of his father going off to war did not meet his father until he was 8. They lived in a diminished society until the early 1940s when their lives were upended again by the Russian invasion of Hungary. My grandparents took my 2 year old father and fled their country, never to see their parents again. So my great-grandparents also lost everything in their only son and only grandchild who had to flee and they died under communism. So, I take courage in what I perceive to be their steadfast faith in the face of such unraveling. I imagine us all laughing together one day in Heaven, the memory of this life, as St. Teresa of Avila said, to be as the memory of one night in a bad hotel. Their lives were not for naught, and I pray mine to be the same.

    1. It's amazing how many George fans there were. But that was part of their appeal. The question of the decade was 'who's your favorite Beatle?'. It's also interesting about your mother. That was another thing about the Beatles versus Sinatra or Elvis or the Stones or Taylor Swift today. They were almost like aliens from another planet. People would travel cross country just to see the drive from the airport to a hotel.

      That's an awesome account of your own ancestors. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying throw in the towel - despite how many appear to be doing so. Sometimes I think we've been throwing in the towel for many generations and didn't realize it. But perhaps resistance will become simply living out our faith like we really believe it, and believe in the values it imparted on our civilization. I think standing firm on the civilization is important because I don't think we will successfully accept the World's insistence that the whole of the West was Nazi while managing to sever the Faith's ties to it. The more Christians accept the World’s condemnation of the West, the more the World condemns the Faith.

      But doing the good fight on social media? I've seen too many go bonkers and go off the rails and it makes me wonder about time spent. Again, nothing wrong with posting the occasional riff against the lates stupid or evil. But perhaps more balance with the life worth living part of things might be better.

    2. Yes, I think that's the conclusion I'm coming to...less can be more in regards to social media posting. I do post occasionally on communism/Marxism, and I think I'll keep that strategy apace. Too much and people simply write you off as crazy, and I have seen too many people go crazy over things too, but a few well placed pieces hopefully make some people stop and think.

  2. Don't give up the fight just be more discerning. There are glimmers of hope. The younger generation thinks blatant sex in movies, entertainment, and the media in general is boring and bad. Recent seminarans are more traditionalist than modernist. Those cryptomaxists leftwingers are disappearing as professors in our seminaries.
    Pray, pray, pray.

    1. This is true. I've seen that recently. Though it's nothing new. Ages ago, I remember a study that was done somewhere east (I think one of the Carolinas) that found most teens asked anonymously said they would prefer to wait for marriage to enter relations with someone. But the same study asked adults, and the vast majority said no way, kids are going to do it so assume accordingly. I think it's ever the adults messing with the good kids want to do. And the worse things get, the more adults are hunkering down and refusing to admit the obvious, no matter the cost.


  4. There's nothing really to be done. There is no shared sense of the common good, nor are there any virtues or shoulds that are held in common. It's narratives of power, oppression, and autonomy all the way down. And you can get away with it as long as there's a monetary cocoon that can protect a nation from the consequences of its actions, in the same way rich families can survive prolonged dysfunction.

    The "good" news is that the money is running out, and the corrupt bargains people have made in exchange for their principles will start sending out checks that bounce. The Gods of the Copybook Headings are warming up just off-stage.

    And then maybe those who see it through to the other side will learn to love God, wisdom and virtue again.

    Lord knows they'll have seen the alternative.

    1. Yes, that's where I think the churches need to stop playing around and get serious. I think even now, youngsters are not happy with things and are searching. But too many are still going on like they have been for the last how many generations. But the statement about the virtues and the common values. I've said the big hit to our particular nation was when we accepted our nation had no right to exist as an actual culture. With that was already an assault on traditional values. Not just those in bed. But ideas such as loyalty, honor, duty, accountability - things I've told my sons that were, by the time I came a long in the 70s, more punchlines than principles. I think we most many battles and didn't realize it.

  5. There are a lot of people ready to proclaim that ordered liberty is done with, and its blessings will necessarily depart from this earth.


    Do not despair. For one thing, it's a sin. For another, our ideas are easily as impossible to kill as those of Hamas or Marx, *and* they have the advantages of actually working, and of being good. Make no mistake, we live in a dark and difficult time, but God loves us and will use the darkness and difficulty for our good and the good of all His Holy Church.

    1. True that. I don't think I'm to the point of despair. Yet. I have faith that the Christian Gospel will survive. I just don't wish the benefits it brought to the world to be put under a bushel as we've allowed to be done. I believe God comes out ahead and all will be fine. But then I'm reminded of that quip by the late Billy Graham. He once said he's anxious to go to heaven some day - but he doesn't want to get there from an airplane! In other words, I know God will overcome all, but that doesn't mean I want to go into the problems percolating in the meantime.

    2. My Chesterton group was founded by three Beatles fanatics, including me. Good music is good music, regardless of who made it.


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