Monday, November 20, 2023

Because of racism


There are only four athletes who are billionaires, all of them black Americans.  It becomes more and more difficult to convince sane and thinking people that we are a Jim Crow nation of gas chambers and death camps and universal racism and oppression of minorities.  Remember, as my oldest son observed, the BLM movement didn't begin until after the reelection of our first black president.  That alone should give clues about what we're seeing. 

Beyond the obvious narrative breaker of non-white, non-Western and non-conservative protesters and activists praising Hamas and calling for the slaughter of Israeli Jews, we have this.  With more and more black multi-zillionaire superstars dominating various sports and professional positions, it gets difficult to convince poor, working class, low income whites that they nonetheless have the privilege owing to their skin color.

Not that everyone needs convincing of course.  Only enough.  And Catholics alone have shone we're equal to the task when it comes to providing people who will believe and embrace such bilge, no matter how much evidence is stacked against it. 


  1. imagine you lived in a town where catholics were kidnapped, sexually abused, and murdered.
    Then imagine that the places where these debaucheries happened were now celebrated as historic plantations where you can go to have your destination wedding.

    well guess what, my black brothers and sisters don't have to imagine that. i live in the SC lowcountry and i drive past the death plantations (rip) every day on the way to work. 3 of them to be exact. think about that. the place where your grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother . . . . were kidnapped and were used as breeding stock to create new images of God who could continue toiling and toiling and toiling is now a place where indifferent white people get married.
    you'd get it if i used the european death houses in Poland and Germany as my example, because they are far away, and its easy to forget how quickly evil becomes banal, but we have death camps right here in this country and we offer paid tours celebrating the antebellum south; it is exactly the same thing as taking a selfie at the front gate of buchenwald (rip).
    the blindness is still with us and it still matters.

    1. Imagine saying everything you said, but then seeing the brazenness in which we don't care about others whose lives are like that - like those who live in the shadows of the Religion of Peace, whose ancestors experienced much of what you write, and who still live in legally marginalized settings today while watching Western hipsters pour love and admiration on their modern oppressors. Yet nobody seems to care. Imagine thinking you and you alone have suffered because of the suffering of your ancestors, and that mitigates any culpability for your actions today. Imagine living in an age like that. Actually, you don't have to imagine. The modern left has taught us well that only certain people and their experiences matter at certain times of convenience (note well the sweeping under the carpet of the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust – wrong demographics involved). I prefer the old way that admitted the world was a tough place, admitted the sins of the past, rejoiced at being in a society trying to do right while not going Joe Stalin and the Taliban on our ancestors as a form of dime store righteousness, and was smart enough to tell the obvious differences between a 19th century plantation when slavery was a global fact of life, to a Nazi Death camp.

    2. (Tom New Poster)
      Dave: your expression "dime store righteousness" will go in my collection along with Fr. Longenecker's "faux Franciscanism". Your cranky anonymous never suffered on a plantation (which had it been like a death camp he would likely not be here). I don't hate the English because some of my Irish ancestors suffered under English rule and English arms (like the 750,000 killed in 17th century Connaught by Cromwell). As Jesus put it: Let the dead bury their dead. Anonymous would better serve his brothers and sisters by focusing on current evils in his community, like the anti academic attitude of too many young men and their bloody rivalries with each other. As a resident the SF Bay Area, his bellyaching is everywhere. Enough!

    3. Heh. Yeah, that's my term for so much activism today. White people perpetually calling out white racism costs them - nothing. Climate Change in another, where activists - often well to do activists - won't bear the financial burden of our fight to stop nature. It's basically hanging your hat on a cause that you don't expect to pay a brass farthing to further. Worse, it slips into that proxy martyrdom I've written about, where your social justice does cause pain and hurt ... to endless others but not you, and you're more than happy to accept that. I think one of the greatest flaws in our modern era is a generation defining its righteousness by endless activism it won't pay a dime to suffer for.

    4. Anonymous, whether you know it or not, we did not invent the evil of slavery. We inherited with our birth. Like the rest of the world. And unlike the rest of the world, when we viewed the 'peculiar institution' in light of our professed values we took steps to end the practice over as much of the world as we controlled. Check out how the Royal Navy was used to stop the slave traffic from Africa wherever possible.
      So, we didn't start slavery. We, unlike the rest of humanity, took steps to end it. So why are you criticizing us?

  2. (Tom New Poster)
    Since UK farthings ( valued at a half-cent US in Victorian times) were bronze, a brass farthing had to be a merchant's token: worth nothing outside the neighborhood. Pretty worthless. Surprised you didn't have more traffic on Mr. Crank's post.

  3. If anonymous REALLY wants to have the experience of a place where ALL the evils he (she? it?) describes the Africa would be the place. All going on even today.


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