Tuesday, November 28, 2023


I'm not a fan of appealing to comedy to make a political point, but I almost felt sorry for the GOP with this one:

At the end of the day, charging forth into battle with the GOP on your side is like storming the beaches with an accordion.  They have proven themselves worthless time and time again.  Reagan was a fluke, not the rule.  While I have no doubt about the sincerity of some in the GOP, the party as a whole looks on people like me as an annoyance at best.  And when it comes to fighting for the most important virtues and truths, I don't see them being worth much in the long run. 

And I know, there isn't much else politically to grab at this point.  Nonetheless, I never kid myself that the GOP is, at best, like grabbing a life preserver that is taking on water.  


  1. More like grabbing ahold of an anchor.

    I don’t see the hysterical progressives thinking this thru. Dobbs did NOT prohibit abortion, nor infanticide. All Dobbs did is to say that the Court had usurped the right of the people to make law.

    1. That sounds to close to facts to make in our modern discourse. It's mostly knee jerk rage and hysteria that drives discourse today, especially among leftwing activism.

    2. (Tom New Poster)
      That picture is addictive, Dave. It reminds me of the infant siblings I lost to ALS in the 1960s, and of the six kids to whom I am uncle and great-uncle. Herod was frightened of such a child, and the supporters of abortion do not position themselves in good company.

    3. Yes, that's a way to think on this. There is nothing more precious than a new life, and nothing sadder than when that life doesn't make it. The entire abortion culture is based on siding with Herod - get rid of the ones that are a threat (in our case, not to our royal status, but our lifestyles, our money, whatever). Sure, I get on the rarest of occasions those tough situations come up, but they are a fraction of the majority of abortions that are simply to dodge responsibility. That the Church and basic, decent society was so ill-equipped to stand against such a mentality shows we had dropped the ball a long time before.


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