Saturday, November 25, 2023


I remember seeing this:  

Then suddenly, I see this:

Makes you wonder.  Don't think I don't.  


  1. (Tom New Poster)
    Get the point, but NYC mayors have many enemies, and Adams was ticking off the Left on more than one issue long before 10/7. I do find it ironic that liberals (pre-1970) denounced conservatives as "prissy" if they criticized a favored candidate's sexual behavior. Now of course they're all in for any perceived slight.

    1. True. It isn't like New York is known for its softball politics. Though I just notice a trend. Same thing happened Cuomo. During Covid, he was the saint and hero ready to save the world. Then news broke of a horrible mishandling of patients, primarily elderly, across the board that may well have cost the lives of thousands. Which raised questions of the 'Trump killed millions with Covid' mantra. And as I've said, the press hates complications where narratives are concerned. It wasn't too long after that the accusations flew. Which also brings to mind Bill Cosby. I just notice trends like that. Including accusations mounting when the press desperately didn't want Biden to get the nomination in 2020, but when he was the last one standing in actual results, suddenly those accusations went 'puff.'


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