Thursday, August 5, 2021


Or should I say, Staycation.   Yes, it's that time of decade again.  As I said here, we haven't gotten our vaccinations yet, and the reasons are legion, for they are many.  I'm not saying we never will.  But by now, we have enough confusion, mixed messages and contradictory information to keep the shots at bay, at least for now.

With that said, we're not cavalier about it either.  We never really 'went back to normal' when everyone was running about saying vaccines have saved us, everyone back to life!  As I've said before, for us lockdown was almost life as normal.  We had several years preparing us for last year and we more or less didn't have to adjust much.  

Therefore it hasn't been tough for us to continue  as we were last year.  With my mom living with us, we've still maintained a certain 'keep your distance' and 'wear a mask' approach, whatever those may do.  We've loosened a bit, and our boys have been able to at least quasi-socialize again.  We've not gone to a restaurant yet, though we've gone to a few local stores to help them out. Plus, with our oldest son cooking the meals, who needs professional chefs at 20.00 a plate? 

But with things being what they are, our plans to go anywhere are null and void.  We generally can't go anywhere unless my sister watches Mom anyway, and  my sister's health issues recently along with the latest Covid hysteria news has more or less nixed that possibility.  So we'll just hunker down and do what our house was prepared to do: get by with our shelves full of games, movies, music, video games and backyard campfires.  We may even pitch a tent beneath the trees - you just never know.

Nonetheless, I won't be around until next week. I'm not sure what has happened, but visits and page views have skyrocketed over the last few months.  Last month more than doubled the busiest month I had when I was at Patheos and had the casual visitors that site generated.  Don't know why, but I'm happy to see everyone come by and offer their two cents.  I may not always agree, but I never fail to let the comments give me something to think on. 

But joy, safety and blessings to all.  I'll be back next week, and have an opinion or three on the crazy that will no doubt happen between now and then.  Till then, God's blessings and pax.  TTFN. 

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  1. We are similar in that our life was also not much altered by pandemic living. Homeschooling for the win! Enjoy your stay-cation :)


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