Monday, August 16, 2021

The ones increasingly outraged at the racism of Critical Race Theory

Appears to be a growing number of black Americans who can smell a rat.  The number of white liberals declaring the 'white liberals' burden' by forever lowering expectations and standards for blacks, Hispanics, and other swarthy types who they see as helpless, hapless and hopeless victims of all those other whites who were born racist and not nearly as righteous and holy as said white liberals, are starting to stink up the nostrils of not a few minorities who have their numbers.  

Beyond abortion and the destruction of the family and our children in the name of the sex and drugs revolution, the new incarnation of ages old racism seen in the agendas of white liberals is fast becoming yet another grave evil courtesy of the Left.  And by racism, I don't mean the nakedly obvious racism that comes with judging someone and sizing them up based purely on their skin color, white or otherwise.

I mean old time racism the way old liberal Democrats used to make it.  The kind that assumes an innate inferiority of the black man (and woman, not to discriminate on gender), that needs beneficent white aunts and uncles to help them to the top.  Of course it's not based on some old scientific theories of the innate inferiority of the black man.  It's based on modern theories that politics and economics are all saving, and those who blaspheme the true political solutions and who sport white skin color are the reason we can assume the lowest of all possible expectations where blacks (and other ethnic minorities) are concerned.  


  1. "I just wish we had more Black kids, and then some of the are in that class because of services they need," I'm not sure what that quote was supposed to mean but it sounded like a word salad. I'll re-read the article and try to figure it out.

    1. So, the assistant Principal wishes the school had more Black Kids? And they're in segregated classes because they need certain services? What is that even supposed to mean?
      Not only are the school's polices racist, the administration people can't even give a coherent explanation as to why they're instituting those policies

    2. Sure. We're watching a return to Jim Crow mentality almost proudly proclaimed. And this isn't racism built on centuries of social conditioning. This is overnight, in a nation that had all but declared racism to be the one unforgivable sin that even Jesus can't pardon. It makes you more sympathetic toward those racists of old who were merely echoing what society had said for generations. Sometimes I think, to paraphrase, the spirits of old Antebellum South or 1930s Germany will rise up on the day of judgment and condemn the racists of today, saying if they knew half of what we know, they never would have done what so many are falling over themselves to do before our very eyes.

    3. This racism is a reverse-engineering of Jim Crow. Bacicaly what happened is they hijacked the anti-Jim Crow movement and used it's momentum to swing the pendulum to the opposite extreme. Combine the with the guilt feelings that have infested western societies since the World Wars and you have a perfect storm of chaos (it's also worth noting that many of the same people who lead the Civil Rights movement in the 60s were also among the ones who created today's wokeness, though they now seem fairly moderate when compared to the younger crowd).

    4. It absolutely is that. It's racism. Not neo-, not new, not anti-, it's racism the way papa Goebbels would have loved. And yes, that guilt has become a toxic neurosis, a form of backhanded pharisaism where I build my righteousness by constantly praising God for not being like everyone else in my demographic who are as bad as anyone opposed to my demographic ever insisted. Something that has obviously been exploited by people without a care for the sins or virtues of the past one way or another.


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