Thursday, August 26, 2021

Come to the League of Catholic Bloggers

Really, here is the link.  Come on over and visit, because many great bloggers who are sticking the landing of Catholic faithfulness are there.  Oh, and I will be too, as I've been extended an invitation to be added to their lists of contributors. So I'll be part of the august company of those trying to stay faithful in these turbulent times.  

Everyone who visits here knows I play pretty fast and loose with my writing, envisioning a 'casual conversation around a pint at a pub' blog than seeing my posts as dissertation level submissions.  Nonetheless, with school coming my output may be hampered a bit.  Therefore, to make up for that I'll pull out the old Strunk and White and at least try to keep it in good company with some pretty awesome contributors to the cause. 

My posts will be here of course, picked up there, but make sure you visit to see the busload of other good insights and articles.  Meantime, see you in the funny papers. 


  1. What type of bloggers are in this group? Any Mark Shea types? I'd be lying if I wasn't concerned

    1. Fr. Longenecker and Steve Ray, who I met back in my CHN days, are both on there. I know they're fighting the good fight and standing on firm ground. Also Donald McClarey's excellent The American Catholic is another. Given just those three, I'd say it's a safe bet that fealty to the historical Faith, and the traditional values from that history, are high on the list of priorities for those who are on the roll. I can't account for all of them of course. But those I know of I would be more than happy pointing in that direction.

    2. I'd gotten out of the habit of reading Fr. Dwight's stuff. I'll have to start back up again

  2. Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers -- unless you have the correct URL for your blog, eh?

  3. Only the home button seems to work regardless of the browser I use. I get virtually nothing when hitting the About tab or the Advertise Tab.

    In any case, check out this blog for solid Catholic Insights into Many Issues as well as insightful commentary on a variety of important issues:


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