Friday, August 13, 2021

Now that Cuomo has resigned

It's time to get back to the big scandal of his administration.  And that isn't anything about what he did to women, but what he did to thousands of nursing home residents.  Remember that?  Oh yeah.  That's right.  That was a thing for a minute. 

Even as this article from February makes clear, Cuomo had become a pariah overnight when it was revealed that a tremendous amount of nursing home deaths from Covid could have been due to his policies.  Furthermore, he then sought to hide the data rather than come clean.  Always a bad move in politics. 

But the press is jealous of its vague statistics and talking points cleverly isolated from broader contexts.  Donald Trump Covid killed 600,000 Americans.  Stop.  That is all that should be repeated.  No unpacking the numbers, like discovering that almost 20% of all deaths were, in fact, in nursing homes.  Or that almost 80% of all Covid deaths in the USA are among individuals 65 and older.  Nope.  Just '600,000 Covid deaths/Trump', packaged, repeated, proclaimed and repeated again.  

Having to deal with a story like the Cuomo nursing home scandal, and it leading people to bring out the ledgers and look at more than just a single media thrice-daily repeated stat for the masses, simply won't do.  Therefore, shortly after this story broke - ta-da! - we have an oldie but a goodie, the always reliable sexual misconduct claims.

In the olden days, just the accusation of sexual misconduct in terms of an affair would do the job.  Today it must be a violation of the only sexual ethic we have left, and that's a violation of consent.  That did the trick.  Alost immediately after the story of sexual misconduct broke, the nursing home story was all but dropped.  That was the important thing.

Clever people at the top who are cynical about the media state's insistence that the vaccines that Trump was dangerously pushing to be developed are now the only hope for mankind, might want to take this opportunity to focus the press back to the nursing home scandal.  After all, that is the big scandal out of New York politics for the year, not the one all the media is focused upon in the current news cycle. 


  1. The only reason the ladies trotted out and accused Cuomo at this particular time was no coincidence. It was perfect timing actually. Recall that as soon as it was made known of the hidden numbers of elderly who died because infected patients were readmitted into nursing homes where thousands died as a result, the sexual accusations began.

    It was much better for a Democrat governor to be impeached for sexual harassment even at the hands of the party. They are so close to the ground that they cannot fall any further. But, if a Democrat governor such as Cuomo falls for policies that resulted in thousands of deaths in nursing homes then it makes thing really sticky for the other Democrat governors who followed the same policy and got the same results and could also lose their positions. This is power that Democrats are not willing to lose: states with Democrat governors.

    No woman should have to put up with sexual harassment at the hands of anyone let alone a governor, but why parade out of the shadows at this particular time?

    1. You are spot on. As I've long said, the same thing happened to Bill Cosby. I'm not saying he was innocent or the accusations were all lies. But he was Mr. Awesome - even after Leonard Part 6. Because he was an open proponent of holding America's racism and racist past to account. Then he gave a speech that made headlines because of the outrage it spawned, in which he said it was time for blacks to stop wallowing in self pity and behaving in ways contrary to succeeding in life and take responsibility for themselves. In only a few months, the accusations came flying. This is nothing new, and with a completely supportive media, they know they can distract as they see fit.


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