Friday, May 21, 2021

Democrats promote bill targeting black Americans

Yep, says so right here.  A bill targeting hate crimes again Asian Americans, when it's commonly known, and begrudging admitted, that black Americans make up the single largest demographic group who targets Asian Americans.  In fact, in most of the video clips I've seen on the news of Asians being attacked, it's black assailants who are the mischief.  

So when a disproportionate numbers of blacks are arrested, assuming the numbers continue as they have been, will we then hear about how racist we are as a country? 

Of course this has little to do with anything.  It's not about protecting Asians or giving a damn about blacks any more than #MeToo gives a rip about sexually assaulted women unless it's convenient.  It's evil, and sane people of good will see it for what it is.  Now we're beyond just hate crimes, but we are singling out this or that group for special protection, while ignoring any stats that could help because overnight we've sanctioned racism and ethnic cleansing as the only way to be American.  

We are seeing people - national leaders, politicians, power players mind you - openly declare that they will allow only the correct skin color to drink at their fountains.  We see religious leaders embrace race obsession with Jesus in a way I've not seen outside a KKK rally.  We've all but ditched the old 'one race, the human race' and 'equality for all.'  In fact, in a spectacular turn around, equality is now a racist term, and if you even think that everyone is equal  in the eyes of God, well obviously that's the new definition of Nazi. 

My oldest sons are amazed at this. As they said, it was drilled into their heads through public school that we must be color blind, we must look past our racial differences and affirm a single human race. To repeat the famous quote, we must judge not by skin color, but by the content of character.  Anything less than this is a one way road straight toward Auschwitz.  So it's stunning for them to see all that they were told is evil is now completely endorsed by our nation, our national leaders, our schools and colleges, our popular culture, celebrities, sports figures, corporations and even some religious leaders.  It's not like the Nazis.  It's like the Nazis coming to power preaching against anti-Semitism and then turning on a dime and ramping up the old gas chambers once they're calling the shots. 

But then, as they say, it took someone to make up the masses at the Nuremberg rallies.  Now maybe we'll judge those people less harshly since we've seen how easily, and how quickly, evil can become embraced by a nation, from its leaders down to the people on the street.  In fact, those embracing the evil today have one thing the Nazis and the slave owners of old didn't have, and that's the lessons from the Nazis and slave owners of old.  I believe it is possible that on the day of judgment, those condemning the racists and ethnic cleansers of today will be the ones from Germany, 18th Century Alabama and Colonial Europe who will insist if they knew what we know today, they happily would have repented their sins.  


  1. I've been around for a long, long time and nothing really surprises me anymore especially peoples ignorance of repetitive history or the evil behind certain political and social movements. These evil ideologies have been around from the beginning and are nothing new, except for the wrappings and how they are presented to the world. What IS new to me at least, is the speed at which all these evil movements have come to pass. Day after day there are new, illogical and nonsensical declarations from the left that makes one think that nothing is holding back the gates of hell anymore and the demons are crossing over faster than illegal immigrants.

    1. Yep. Contrary to multi-cultural education, the world is not a story of peace, love and John Lennon songs - except for the Christian West and America. Sin is the at-rest position. I think what is catching everyone off guard now is the speed with which we are accepting what, only a few years ago, was called racist evil. That is not a good sign when we consider the resistance that will not exist when calls for gulags and labor camps are put forth.


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