Thursday, May 6, 2021

Because America is a racist nation

We have seen endless numbers of non-whites giving everything and, sometimes, risking everything to come here for decades.  Makes perfect sense to me.  If I cleaved unto the 90 ft. Left at least.  Those who don't bow before the 90 ft. idol are often infected with a deplorable amount of sanity and can see such a story and conclude the carefully crafted media narrative about a 400 year old racist Nazi state called America might just be slightly askew of the facts. 


  1. I never understood how liberals could believe the lies about America. Think about this for a second. If we are so racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-transgenders, Islamaphobic etc...then why do so many people all over the world, as explained in the post above, risk life and limb to come to this country? What is it that draws them here? What is it that they see about America that liberal/democrats cannot seem to grasp?? No one in their right minds believes this country is perfect, but it is certainly light years ahead of most nations on this planet.

    1. Liberalism in its modern form seems to rely heavily on lies. I don't know why. That's something I ponder and ponder some more. What made Rolf do it (Sound of Music)? I mean, why do people fall into lockstep - dare I say, goosestep - behind such movements that obviously rely heavily on easily debunked falsehoods? Or at least claims that are easily shown to be based on heavily partisan bias? I don't know. But we know from history that they do.

    2. I suspect sometimes it's a sunk-cost fallacy. At some point admitting the truth means having to realize just how much bad you have done, so better to keep doubling down, insisting on the party line, because to ever face the truth, is to face a realization of just how evil you are.

      (Like CS Lewis said, we don't ask forgiveness, we make excuses to God.)

  2. A case that demonstrates the absurdity of modern race relations was that event involving Masud Ali and some other Somalis at a Twin Cities Chipotle a few years ago. The left used it as an example of how backwards we are in treating blacks, saying that the Somalis were denied service just for the color of their skin.

    But what actually happened?

    -A video was posted by the Ali which took place after the supposed racist incident. The manager explains that they simply have to pay before they get their food because of previous incidents. One of the group says that he "might just have to run off with the food today". All the employees, including the black chef, say that the group keep coming in without being able to pay.

    -By the next morning there are dozens of articles talking about the horrific treatment that these poor, innocent black men experienced at the hands of the Chipotle staff.

    -Shortly thereafter (before 24 hours had even passed after the incident) the manager is fired for her supposed racism.

    -People dig into the social media of Ali and the others and found dozens of posts of them doing a dine and dash and bragging about it.

    -Even in light of this media reports were still largely on the side of Ali, with the justification being that there was no proof that they had did a dine and dash at this SPECIFIC Chipotle, or that even if they had it would still be discrimination based on their skin color to require them to pay upfront. Others simply "debunked" it by saying that Ali himself claimed to have never dined and dash there, so he could not have done so.

    So long story short: a group of Somali youths with a history of dine and dashing are stopped from doing so at a Chipotle (though note that they were still allowed to eat there, as long as they paid!) They complain to news outlets about this and instantly have their story amplified and their demands met, without needing to provide evidence for their claims. Even when their past history of dine and dashing was revealed, they are still heavily supported. And the events were used to prove how biased the country is against black people!

    1. That reminds me of so many other stories that end up being quite false. I'm reminded of the young girl working at Starbucks whose life was ruined because she asked two black men to either order or leave, since the place was for paying customers, including use of bathroom facilities. There was a nationwide outrage, the press eviscerated her, she was fired. I remember people asking then 'but was she doing what Starbucks policy told her to do?'. It wasn't until months and months later that Starbucks admitted what the press apparently never bothered to find out, and that's that she was doing what company policy said. Sure, they quite publically changed the policy. But the girl was doing her job at the time - and was destroyed for her troubles. But then, I'm reminded of two young women who were fired for telling a black woman that they didn't serve anyone after closing. The black woman wasn't the only customer told this - they had video. But they were fired anyway. And the company admitted they didn't do wrong, and were not likely racist. But to assuage the anger of the powers, they fired these two low income wage earners just because. So perhaps we're past that point where the press feels it even has to bother with stories, facts, or anything. I know there were boatloads of progressive Catholics who didn't seem to mind seeing three low income earning women have their jobs lost and lives ruined. And they're usually the first to rush forward to defend women and the poor. So there you go.


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